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The ONLY spiritual book existed in the whole world without author, this book author directly by God Himself.  He explained to Sun God at the very beginning of creation, then it’s went down to King Isbaku and down from the ages Lord Vedvays divided into four parts Rik, Sam, Ydur, and Atharva veda. But the hidden meaning of Veda still keep hidden until Lord Krishna (God) Himself revealed into Arjuna and then to all men.
Veda chanting always give blessing but the people who knows the meaning of the verses will be much more benefits in life. Dharma, (Truth), Artha (Money), Kama ( Desire) and Moska (Liberation)  all will get in this life. But require understand the verses and sound vibration to correct pronounce.

This is the unic word of God still maintain from dateless past. Many people try to put some date but cannot fit properly. Some say ten thousands of years age or some say six thousand years age. But still there are enough lack of evidence for this clam. There are one thing accepted that Veda is the oldest then all. How vast it's verses (slokas) and still there are huge study needed to be understand the real meaning.

Veda need to chant always and must at the early morning and evening. Chanting of Vada always benifits of whole world. Chanting will make people mind and heart pure for the service of God. Our body is the temple of living God and this temple will clean by the chanting of Veda. Always maintain a pure love of God and always be clean from inside and outside of the body. Don't harm any body and never think of it. All creation existed by God Himself and nothing is existed outside of Him. If any body desire to be blessed then He must mantain Vegetable life and never harm any body in word, think or action. He must offer pure compassion to all being. He must not harm forest, mountain, rivers, and all natural eliments. Every animals and plants are protect by him. He must not desirev more then what He needs, Bless to all other and always remain under the shadow of Almighty. He must be a 1st class man, He never give up to any unlawfull acts, never intoxicate, and never try to get rich by other means. He must be happy what ever He have and never envy to other. Then his Veda chanting will be perfect and He will develop his soul to a higher level and can be remain in the Satvic life. By this quality He will be benifits to whole world. And that is the Goal of the Veda. From the dateless past still this verses offering us blessing and we must take it with all power and might. Other then, our human life will be less helpful.

There are many verses and slokas existed for chant always. This will help you for personal edification and can maintain a spiritual life in higher degree. Devi Sukta, Laxmi Sukta, Purusathama Sukta, Rudra Sukta, and Santi Sukta need to study with all attention from Guru parampara and can see the wonder of this verses. When too much rain and thunder during that time Veda chanting can be remain silence, other then all time it's can chant with all attention. Unic slokas which existed and still all those verses are alive and active.

Om ! That is full; this is full, (for) from the full the full (indeed) arises.
When the full is taken from the full, what remains is full indeed.
Om! Peace! Peace! Peace!








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