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Sin (pap)

This is an act without Vedic injunction, call (Doosh). The result will be negative and need to suffer. May be in body or Spirit. Happiness and peace will be far reach. Lord Sri Krishna explained in Bhavagat Gita that spiritual works provide good result but don't make opposit. Exaimple 1.with out Early morning and Evening prayer man can be sinful. 2. Without Study Veda is sinful, 3.Disrespect gods are sinful acts. call (Doosh). Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic actions are the domination forces which makes our life responsible.

In community 1. when see elders, Guru, father mother, temple etc and no do respect provoke sin. 2. Harm others, 3.or make them sad, 4. no offer food to hungry and need, 5. drink intoxication, 6. busy in gamble, 7. kill self or others. 8. burn trees and crops. 9. false talk, 10. lust others, 11. unlawful sexual acts. 12. over eating, 13. to be angry always. 14. demand more, 15. kill animals. All are sinful acts. Sin because inner spirit never can be rest and peace.

Sin is BAD - KARMA (evil acts) and the result always will be negetive. This is the wisdom of all scriptures and spiritual science. Need to suffer in this life and after life. There are huge evidences in all the holy scriptures in vedic texts. Blessing and Curse are two different opposit result of the Karma (work, action).

Yoga and Meditation always give good and positive results and sins can be remove by good works. By Fasting and Bratha help to remove sins.According to scriptures 11 gunas (qualities) 1. som, 2.dam, 3. uprati, 4. Titisha, 5. Samadhan, 6. Khiedey, 7. Pipasa, 8. Moho, 9. Jara, and 10. Mritu, this are the doosh.

1.Rajya (kindom), 2.Upabhaga (prossion) ,3. Sayan (sleep), 4.Bhagan (eat,) 5. Bhahan (car), 6.Maan (self Honor), 7.Stre (women). 8. Gandhamallya (expensive goods). 9. Bastra (cloth). 10. Alankar (Ornaments). ect pull you down and after death spirit remain at Naraka (hell) .

on the other, 1. Bhagavat (study Veda) 2. Daan (Charity). 3. Upabash ( Fasting) and 4. Bratha (religious activities) etc when a person do with out self gratification then He can see the good result and his spirit remain in peace.

1. Manash Pap (sin by thinking) a) (parostre chinta) other's wife, b) ( anistya chinta) how to do harm other, c) (kukarma) evil works.

2. Bachik Pap ( sin by talking) a) (ajatha katha) too muck talk, b) (apriya bhasan) Unfriendly talk, c) (asathya bhasan) untrue preaching, d) (paroninda) talk bad to others and e) (chugli) backbitting).

3.Kayik pap (sin by action) a) abhakya (eat without offering to God). b) Himsha (kill) c). mithya kamsabhan ( unnatural sex). all this action never will give rest and peace in mind and body. The result will be in hell. To say bad things to lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva will be huge sin and will remain in hell. this are call great sins, 1. take away somebody's cloth, 2. intoxication, 3.take away gold from some body. and 4. sleep with guru's wife. We have human body and life, so, we must do some things that at the end we are not reamin in hell. And don't lose this life.

Charity is the main and only activity existed for remove all sins in this age.

Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;
May we work conjointly with great energy,
May our study be vigorous and effective;
May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !







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