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Shiva Linga Puja

Lord Shiva worshiped at India from dateless past. All India there are none a village existed where Lord Shiva is unknown to them. From North to South and East to West all India Lord Shiva is loved and worshiped with millions of people every day. There are millions temples existed all over India. This is the greatness of Lord Shiva.

But in His linga form worship is the most of His temple. Linga meaning mark or represantation. This Linga is the most loved by all people who are fond of Him. Linga always have a special meaning in it. There are many scriptures existed where Linga puja always put above then all type pujas of Lord Shiva.

He manifested Himself just like fire of piller between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu and from that day people worship Him. It was the day of MahaShiva Ratri. This puja normaly offer at nighty and whole night people offer puja. This is the day most blessed for all people. This piller form of fire after enter Linga puja. The greatness of this puja are people love His form.

Lord Shiva's have eight faces ( 1.Bhanu 2.Agni 3.Chandra, 4.Prithvi 5.Jal 6.Vayu 7. Akash and 8. Zajman) by Linga puja this eight faces also completes. Never curse the Linga and never say any bad things about it, it's a great sin according to Puranas. (ShivaMaha Purana). (One full year puja of Linga can get same blessing only at the MahaShiva Ratri Puja. At the month of Magha ( January- February) at the time Adrha Nakatra Linga puja and Darsana with Maha Devi Parvati devotee may get the place of Lord Kartica.

At Arunachal Pradesh Lord Shiva's Linga was first manifested and for this that place in India offer great boons to all people who born and live there. Linga puja is greater then idol pujas. Linga have 5 Pratik ( similar) 1. Isan ( Middle of the East and North) 2.AnthaPurusha (Inner self) 3.Aghor (Without Care anything) 4.Bamdev (Witness) and Sadhya Jato ( Just Born Baby Baby).

24 tattyas (elements) 10 Indriyas, - ( senses) 4 inside thinking a) Maan, (Mind) 2.Bhuddhi (intelgence) 3.Ahankar (Ego) and 4. Chinta( thinking). - 5 Bhut (Matters) 1. Prithivi (Earth) 2.Jal (Water) 3.Taj (Fire) 4. Vayu (Wind) 5. Akash (Space). 5 Athamatra (Feelings) 1.Sabdha (Feeling in Eyers)Sound) 2.Sparsya ( Feeling by Skin) 3.Rup (Feeling by Eyes) 4.Ros (Feeling by teast) and 5. Gandha (Feeling by Noise) ths 24 elements can be free from Maya (Bondage or slave) if do Linga Puja with all loving and care.

Five effects 1. Avidya (Foolish) 2.Asmita (Unfriendly) 3.Rag (Angry) 4.Deash (Curse) and 5. Avinivesh (Living Long way) can remove by the Linga Puja. with the worship of Linga devotee no have any relation with sin and blessing, he get freedom from fear and lust.

Desha, Suksma, Jaya, bhadra; Bhubhuti, Bimala, Agora, Bikrita, all this power stand infront of Linga with all honor and love. Linga Puja greater then Homa, Study of the Vedas, and great Yagnyas. Linga Puja offer millions positive blessing. At the very door of Linga Temple 1.Sathya (Truth). 2.Souchaya ( Holiness) 3.Ahimsha ( No Hate) and 4.Dayha (Mercy) stand with all power and blessing for all.

Linga offer action with five different ways (Kriyas) 1. Sisti (Create) 2.Palan (Maintain) 3.Sanhar (Elimenate) 4. Tirodan (Apart from Sin) and Anugraha ( Blessing or Boon). Linga offer Moska 1.Kiti (Prithivi) 2. Aob (Water) 3. Taj (Fire) 4. Marut (Wind) 5. Bom (Space) no have any negetive forces.

Lord Shiva Linga still and great wisdom hidden in this puja. There are millions words can express about Linga Puja but still there are many remains. Nobody can't explain all. Linga represent the Unseen creator in Linga form.

Linga can be Soil, Stone, Jem, Spatic, Gold, Silver and Dimond. But black stone always keep hidden wisdom above then all.


Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;
May we work conjointly with great energy,
May our study be vigorous and effective;
May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !



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