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Salogram Puja

Lord Vishnu in this Kaliyuga (during this time) will be in the Salogram Sila (stone) and those who do puja with all respect and love he'll receive perfect blessing. ( dharma, artha, kama, and Moksha) This was His command and order. From that time Salogram stone highly respected by all people, and also the Vaisanvas.

This stone can get at River Gondoki near North - East India. The notable things is all the stones there are 10 Avatara's marks remain in it. Also some time can see Sanka, Chakara, Gadha, and Padma. This no need Pratista (dedication in a place by priest), it can do puja directly and with any body who have Bhakti in it and Lord Vishnu.

Puja of the Salogram needs Chanda wood, Ganga Jal, and Tulsi plant. With offering this puja can be complete and Lord Vishnu receive this puja. Recomended in Scriptures (Brahma Vaivatra Purana) explain in details.


During this age all people will be out of SPIRITUAL PATH of four suprem orders ( Brahman, Kaitrya, Vaisaya, and Sudra) and they all change (become Melleecchhas meaning Outside from Vedic religion). No body will be pure, so Lord Knew that and He allow Himself easy and very simple way to receive the pujas from devotees and offer boons to them. This is His greatness, people needs to offer puja to Salogram in India.

The wisdom of Vedas always can't explain in genaral order but can understand the relation with God and His creation without separation. Whole creation is His and He is the free from all but because of His kindness to Human race and all living beings He takes limitation in different elements.

Devotee can take benifits from this great order in this age. During Yoga and Meditation Salogram puja must be part of it.

Om ! Gods ! With ears let us hear what is good;
Adorable ones ! With eyes let us see what is good.
With steady limbs, with bodies, praising,
Let us enjoy the life allotted by the gods.
May Indra, of wide renown, grant us well-being;
May Pusan, and all-gods, grant us well-being.
May Tarksya, of unhampered movement, grant us well-being.
May Brihaspati grant us well-being.
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !




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