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There are the life line in the Rivers of the world. Rivers have a greater role in our existence. We must careful to protect this rivers of the world. Every body must feel responsible to take care. Even the Government cannot trun their face from it. This is a great blessing for all living being. In the spiritual concept there are great part related with the rivers. Ritual bath only can be fully complete by the rivers.

In India (Ganga River) our mother Ganga takes huge part in spiritual activities in every day life. She call Mother, and she protect millions of people by her water and all ritual baths. Millions people bath every day. Even gods desire her water. The pancha G ( five G) 1. Gaytri, (Mantra)) 2. Gita, ( Scripture) 3. Ganga, (River) 4. Gou,( Cow) & 5. Gau (Village). This five call Mothers. Among them River Ganga have a special spiritual part.

In India there are more reviers Jamuna, Shindu, Narmada, Tapti, Godhavari, Krishna, Kabiri, Mandakini, Gandaki, and Bramaputra all have a special history of it's existence. Jamuna River was the part of Lord Krishna's childhood and Young life's history and this will be always. Like this River Narmada with Lord Shiva's pass time play ground. In India all rivers somehow related with gods and spiritual meaning. Water is life, and you can understand when you see the millions of people taking their holy bath at Kumbha mela and other religion festivel time. Rivers of India turn into the doors of spiritual garden and all people are welcome. All type of people togather take bath and this you can see the sepation turn into oneness with God.


Om ! Let my limbs and speech, Prana, eyes, ears, vitality
And all the senses grow in strength.
All existence is the Brahman of the Upanishads.
May I never deny Brahman, nor Brahman deny me.
Let there be no denial at all:
Let there be no denial at least from me.
May the virtues that are proclaimed in the Upanishads be in me,
Who am devoted to the Atman; may they reside in me.
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !




















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