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The 18 Puranas are the scripture which shaped the Indian culture and tradition even today daily life. Every festivals,  Puja, Homa and all religious, social and cultural activities existed by this holy books. This is the Gods and their origin, and the creation and destruction useful meaning explained by gods in different forms and hidden meaning in life. Very interesting to listen this great wisdom extended long before in Indian soul.  18 Upapuranas also cover the spiritual quest.

With out this books people will not understand the gods which are the power over every man. They are the responsible to maintain the creation. 33 millions gods working together for this gross material existence of all seen and unseen things. It’s explained Hell, Heaven, Angels, super human being, and their end. This scripture explain the somoi- (Time,)  din-(Days), mas-(Months), buthsor-(Years), Yugas, Kalpas, and Manmantras, To understand the sadhana (spiritual Practise can be clearly understand by this scriptures. Need sincerely and honesty to study this books for developments the Yoga and meditation practise.

18 Puranas are. 1.Bhagavata Purana, 2.Vishnu Purana, 3.Garuda Purana, 4.Brahma Purana, 5.Padma Purana, 6.Narada Purana, 7.Maha Shiva Purana, 8.Linga Purana, 9.Skanda Purana, 10.Agni Purana, 11.Matsya Purana, 12. Varaha Purana, 13.Vamana Purana, 14.Markandya Purana, 15.Bhahma Purana, 16.Brahmanda Purana, 17.Kurma Purana, 18.Bhavishya Purana.

18 UpaPurana are. 1.Devi Bhagavat Mahapurna, 2.Ganesh Purana, 3.Vayu Purana, 4.SanatKumar Purana, 5.Nirshinga Purana, 6.Brihannaradiya Purana, 7.Sivarahasya Purana, 8.Durvasa Purana, 9. Kapila Purana, 10.Vamana Purana, 11.Bhargava Purana, 12.Varuna Purana, 13.Kalika Purana, 14.Samba Purana, 15.Parasara Purana, 16.Vasishtha Purana, 17.Hamsa Purana.

We understand from scriptures that Sattya Yuga - Dhanya (Meditation), Trata Yuga - Yagnna ( offering with fire), Drapara Yuga - Bhajana (japa or chanting) but in Kaliyuga - Dana (charity) alone stand according to the yuga (age).

There are eight faces of Lord Shiva - Vayu, Agni, Chandra, Prithivi, Jal, Bhaga, Jojman, Akash. (Shiv Purana)

Lord Ganesha born 1.To destroy evil, 2.Sanayshi's benifits, 3. To Stop Yagnna without dakshina (Offering), 4.Adhayan,Adyapana, Bkhayana etc to stop unholy interpretation, 5.To stop akarma, 6. To promote blessing, 7. To protect believers.( Linga Purana).

In Indian culture and tradition existed from the scriptures of Puranas. Gods lilas relay to the people in genaral for the benifits of all people. When you think about the gods it's will be for inner devotion, when you chant the name of Gods then this will be your dovotion in words and when you do pranayama this will be your physical devotion.

The festivals and the cultural life in India cannot understand with out the Scripture Purana. Disam Susama, Jaya, Bibhuti, Bimola, Aghora, Bikrita this power always stand front of Surja Narayana, (Sun God).

Om ! That (Brahman) is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite.
The infinite proceeds from the infinite.
(Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe),
It remains as the infinite (Brahman) alone.
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !










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