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Do you feel bombarded with change from every direction? Do you feel stressed, overworked, with too little time to appreciate and enjoy life? Do you find it difficult to keep up with everything you need to do? if so, you are not alone. Our rapidly changing world is rapidly stressing us out. What can you do to cope? 
if you have children or grandchildren, chances are you cannot help but notice what a different world they're growing up in compared to when you were their age. If you tell them what life wa
s like when you were young, they may be astonished at how different things were " back then". I know when I tell my 20 & 10 year old sons stories from when I was their age, they have a hard term papers on a typewriter, writing out letters by hand, only having four television stations to watch, and having to go to the library to get information for a school project.
Of course, we have come to expect that lifestyles are going to change somewhat from one generation to the next. Amazingly, though, my kids have also remarked on how much the world has changed just since they were born. Though they're only in their mid teens, they can remember a time when people didn't carry cell phones .and when there were no such things as iPods, Wi-Fi internet, youTube, Twitter and Facebook etc etc....They`ll often note how our "slow" computer we get frustrated with today was considered a "fast" machine just a few years age. They can also think back to a time when we didn`t have to wait in long security lines at the airport and terrorism seemed like something that only happened in far - flung lands.
It all underscores a vital point, while our world has always experienced change, the rate of change is speeding up. Many historians, sociologists and journalists have expressed concern in recent years about the ràpid change in our society. They tell us that today’s world is changing at an accelerated rate, unlike anything past generations witnessed.  Many of the today’s world that in the past described our lives well have now disappeared. Replacing them are lines that slope upwards exponentially.
“ because there is little in our day –to-day lives that changes exponentially, we tend to think with a linear mindset.  The Sun rises and the sun sets. Twenty- four hours, week after week, everything seems about the same. Meanwhile, largely unnoticed by us, history has shifted to fast forward. If linear still best describes our personal lives, exponential now best describes most of historical changes”. In other words, as time progresses the world is changing at an exponentially increasing rate. Yet a century age, historical change was linear (maintaining the same pace) and thus was much less noticiable. This period of accelerating change we’re now witnessing can and has put a strain on individuals and entire societies. People exposed to these ràpid changes of modern life would suffer from “shattering stress and disorientation”. The constantly adapt to changing situations could lead to feelings of helplessness, despair, depression, uncertainly, insecurity, anxiety and burnout. Many people see the changes going on in the world around us and are worried and anxious. If they also have changes going on in their personal lives – maybe they lost their or had to find a new place to live because their home was foreclosed – it can all be overwhelming.
Most people can handle a certain ammount of change, The problem is, we are increasingly being overloaded with more change then we can handle. The intensifying problems of uncertainty and anxiety resultin from too much change. Mankind has always faced uncertainty, along with pain, hardship and tragedy. A few centúries age, the uncertainty might have been, what’s it like in the new frontier where we’re headed to? Will this season produce a good crop? When will it rain again? A big difference between previous times and today. People generally do not cope as well with change and stress. So what has caused our world to change so rapidly in recent years? Ultimately it’s due to technological advances. Now, with the Internet, such a shift may take only a few years. There’s a case to be made that with the Internet and communication Technology spreading around the world, it has really upset a lot of social paterns. Certainly technological progress can lead to very positive changes. Inventions such as computers, the Internet, Communications satellites and genètic diagnòstic tools help improve our lives in many ways. Difficult tasks are made simple and can be done much more quickly. However, technological innovation can also lead to other changes – some of them not so positive. “ Throughout history, when new inventions were introduced into a society, it has impacted the society’s customs, vàlues andbeliefs. Since the Industrial Revolution, when the speed of change really started Picking up, society has been transformin accordingly. It began with a shift from a rural, agrarian society to an urban, industrial society. Fewer workers were needed to cultivate greater crops, so more people moved to big cities to take factory jobs. That led to a whole range of changes in lifestyle, family structure, culture and vàlues. The computer revolution that started arounf 25 years age sent the rate of change into ots exponential rise. Today, scientific and technological changes are taking place at such a breathtaking pace that many have difficulty keeping up with them.
1.The normal life is speeding up.
2. we are busier than ever.
3. Life is more complicated.
4. Families are strucred-and function-differently.
5.”Traditional” beliefe and vàlues are being challenged.
6. Our sense of community is disappearing.
7. Is the world is shrinking all together?.

Whole population getting the sense of diferent in divers places in society. So, the fundamental desire to be HAPPY continue under search. People changes as the time requiring but the HAPPINESS and to be HAPPY is the reality which needs to completed by the higher inovation .
But as we are getting the friendly relationship and helping each other and some case helping without returning anything is the best to be HAPPY. That’s way to be volunteer is the only way to get HAPPINESS.  Whatever world gets her richness , people needs the warm communication and help to each other are  the only tools existed. When you go far way off from your home and do volunteering Works for other without denifits, you will be true happy. What ever Technology, and innovation incereasing your people happiness you will get only by this way of lifestyle.

  1. To be with the people as they needs you.
  2. To be with them as you offer Love and Peace in real life.
  3. To stand with the old, sick, and needy as they wants.
  4. To suport them by your time and resoures.
  5. To be a part of the their daily lives.
  6. To talk with them with Peace and hope .
  7. To create a peaceful world for whole earth.

This is the moto of life as a voluntering.











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