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Other Scriptures

There are human history existed and also the scriptures. All the world there are many scriptures in differents made the hostory. Among them Torah, Bible (Old and New Testaments), Quran, Hadish, are the scriptures outside India.

In India there are some religion existed like Lord Buddha ( Tripitak), Guru Nanak (Grantha Sahib) and Lord Chaitannya Mahaprabhu ( Charitamrita), Mahabira Jain, and their 24 tirtankaras, made history. Beside of them there are many more religion existed in the world. Many tribal religion are still among that people in whole world. That scriptures always have the relation with Vedic scriptures, because

Veda is the only Holy book which nobody (not any human) written, it's apurasa (unman), God himself gave to rishies and it was only Gods Word without human assistence. Gurus memories the verses and offer to others. For this it's call Srumti (listen). And Smriti (remember) the said word of Gods. Other then Veda all scriptures are written by some men and it's existed.

There are different path (way) but the objective is same. Reach God is the paramount desire in all scriptures. Great men of God understood that they live their lives as an example for that genaration and the genaration to come. All scriptures who edify the relation with Gods and man. For the religions sake some body hate others is the not permitted in true scriptures. All are the creation of God and there are one in every creation.

We believe all scriptures are true ( Swami Vivakananda).

and we keep that faith within us.

Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;
May we work conjointly with great energy,
May our study be vigorous and effective;
May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !








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