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Ocean (Samudra)


Samudra (Ocean) there are lots of information in the scriptures about Ocean. Laban (salt) Samundra, Kheer (Milk) Samundra, Dai (Butter milk)Samudra, Ghee (clarify butter) Samudra, Madhu (Honey) Samudra, and Iku (Sugar)Samudra etc are recorded. Gods living there. Oceans are our part of this eco system of this world. We are the responsible to take care of this Laban Samudra.

From mountains all rivers arrive to the Ocean and river's sweet water turn into salt water and lost the identity of river. All holy rivers endup into Samundra (Ocean). For this Ocean water are pure in spiritual matter. No need to chant any mantry during bath at in the Ocean. Before enter into water can chant but when you are in the water no need. Water it self (pure).

Ocean where "samudra-manthan" took place and many important things came out from it.

1st came "kalcut bish" and Lord Shiva drunk it.

2nd. "Irabat" came out and Dev Raj Indra received it.

3rd. "Ucchasrava" came out and Dev Raj Indra received it.

4th."parizat Breksa" came out and Indrapuri accepted it.

5th. "Baruni" wind came out and Kalikal accepted it.

6th. "Dhannatari" came out and gods received it.

7th "Goddess Laxmi" came out and Lord Narayan received her.

8th " Amrita" came out and Goddess Mohini (Narayana) gave to gods.

This was the great act took place in to the Ocean. Lord Varun is the god over it. and Maha devi ( mahasakti) live there. All life came out from the water and every thing remain on the water. We must protect it and no throw dustbin, broken nets, plastics etc. Like this we who lose our great gift.

During meditation and Yoga we can receive positive power from it and we must take a bath.


Om ! Gods ! With ears let us hear what is good;
Adorable ones ! With eyes let us see what is good.
With steady limbs, with bodies, praising,
Let us enjoy the life allotted by the gods.
May Indra, of wide renown, grant us well-being;
May Pusan, and all-gods, grant us well-being.
May Tarksya, of unhampered movement, grant us well-being.
May Brihaspati grant us well-being.
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !




















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