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This is a very old and oldest word in Vedic scriptures. (Maan - Mind, Trana - Offering = Meaning offer your mind to God during worshiping (Puja). ) This is a combination of WORDS. Chanting Mantra is the core issue in all Ritual Vedic Activities. There are meaning of each sound and words in Mantras. Each Mantras have some hidden meaning which all cannot explain in genaral words. This is the wisdom in Vedic text. Spiritual edification cannot stand without Mantra.

Mantra cannot create by any body, this is a spiritual sound related with all ourself and whole creation. Only Veda which is holy (no man made) because this directly offered by God Himself. Veda is Apurusa (with out man) and it's sound are Mantra. There are other Mantras which narreted by Rishies in Puranas and Upanisahas.

Spiritual master and Guru offer to the devotee the Mantra according of His dedication for spiritual objective. Guru cannot create mantra, only He can offer from the Veda, Purana and Upanisahas. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu chanted the Mahamantra (great mantra in this age of Kali-" hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare" it was written Kalisantara Upanisadha long before, Only He offer to whole world from it. He was the incarnation of Devi Radha & Lord Krishna's holy love offering. And He chanted the mantra. There are very few common mantras which can chant always. A) Gayitri mantra, B) Mahamritunjai Mantra, C) Santi Mantra, D) Devi Mantra, E) Purush Sukta mantra, F) Rudra Sukta Mantra, G) Narayan Mantra, H) Laxmi Mantra, I) Hanuman Mantra, J) Shiva Mantra, K) Om mantra, and L) Mahamritunjaya Mantra Etc. This is a prayer and can chant everyday. For Yoga and Meditation Mantra is the key to unlock the spiritual blessing.

Only God's name can be mantra, and that is the core believe in this age. Mantra need to chant with a true devotion and dedication. It's start the good and positive result to devotee's life. Spiritual path will open a new area where He can see the other side of life. He can understand the whole creation is the Mantramoy (in mantra) the very sound where all creation existed.

During Yoga and Meditation mantra are the most important and need to understand the sound and meaning from it. Then it's will be complete. Yoga & Meditation without mantra cannot offer spiritual advancement. Without Mantra all activities will remain only body related.

Mantra need to chant always within self, Mind which is very powerful can be control to the yogis.This needs long time practise and dedication in life. Get Up at the early hours of morning and take bath and chant during puja is the normal basic order for all people. Keep in mind your way of life and food habits always gives negative and positive results. Manintain yourself clean and holy as your body carry the Mantra.

Om ! Speech is rooted in my thought (mind) and my thought is rooted in my speech.
Be manifest, patent, to me; be ye two, for me, the lynch-pins of the Veda.
Let not Vedic lore desert me.
With this mastered lore, I join day with night.
I shall speak what is right; I shall speak what is true.
Let that protect me; let that protect the speaker.
Let that protect me.
Let that protect the speaker, protect the speaker !
Om ! Peace ! Peace ! Peace !







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