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Homa & Yagya

This is a Vedic regious activities which offers to all the great benifits. This hidden meaning cannot understand totally. Lord Krishna said in Bhagabat Gita that Homa and Yagya cannot stop because this offer holy men huge blessing and it's benifits to whole earth. This is a good works and this is a good karma. All the vedic scripturs there are many example existed about this acticities.




Ghee is the main factor for this activity. Cow offer the Ghee and this ghee offer to Fire by the mantra and with differents gods name. Fire ( the Agni god) always have a special part in this religious acts. Fire is the true preist from the Vedis slokas. He accept the ghee and offering in different name of gods. People who desire a special boon, they who dedicated the offering to the gods for this purpose.

By the offering in fire with ghee, there are healing goes to whole earth. and the blessing comes to all human being. Every day need to offer Homa and Yagya, if not possible then can do in week and month. Gods accept the offering and they bless us. Gods are datha (giver) and they who gives to all people accordingly. In scripture said there are not possible in life that NO difficulties come. But all things control and maintain by this gods. Lord Krishna said people who desire some thing and ask to some god, I who offer to them and they cannot understand. I am the giver of all things. and this gods also of my expantion.

There are many different Yagyas recorded in scripture. 1. Aswamadha Yagya, 2. Putrastri Yagya, 3. Padma Yagya, 4. Rajsouya Yagya, 5. Jay Yagya, 6. Vishwa Santi Yagya, ect ect. By this many kings, sadhus, rishies, munis, and normal men received their desire and they get all of it. Even Asura, Rasasha, and evil persons also receive the boon from it. This is recorded because in God there are No different of any bodies.

During Yagya, people need to fix the desired objective an offer ghee with mantra to gods. Mantra need to offer with desire and faith. Lord Vishnu is the Yagya-Purusha. And Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma giver of all boons. God creat the Yagya for the benifits of all.

Kakaha sarvam - kal (niyati) maintain by gods. devotee must believe that gods who have power over different things. People may ask by this and can receive desired objective.A) -King Dasaratha had three queen but he no have any child. So He asked by Putrayasti Yagya and he received Lord Rama, Lord Bharatha, Lord Laxmana and Lord Satrughana. B). King Drupadha no have son and he did Yagya and he got Maharani Drapadhi, Maharathi Dustrudum, and Maharathi Srikhandi. Like this there are many example existed in scriptures.

We at our asrama offer Homa and Yagya in different time in a years for peace, and blessing to whole world.

Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;
May we work conjointly with great energy,
May our study be vigorous and effective;
May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !







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