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Indian Gods

Indian Hindu Gods and Goddess always have a relation with people in common. They are always in a spiritial and cultural part of the society. Every children who born there (India) always goes to some type of bratha, puja and gods. The dedication to a gods always maintain a good India culture from dateless past. 33 millions gods maintain their own puja and practise.

During creation God (Almighty Lord Krishna) expand Himself As

Brahma ( creator) He created 8 millions 400 thousands yonis and the life. He also made them how to be a animal, fish, and birds etc. The foods which He made for their daily requirments. Male and femal He created them. From egg, from semen, fron seed and from plants there are life cames out and still existed. He is the creator of all natural bodies for sustain the life in this earth.

Vishnu ( protector) Lord Krishna expaned Himself as Lord Vishnu and protect the creation. He also provide the needs and keep maintain the lives on earth. For this work He always take Avatara meaning incarnation in different times for the purpose of protection. His ten Avatars are most important 1. Matsya Avatara. 2.Kumbha Avatara. 3. Varaha Avatara. 4. Nirshigha Avatara. 5. Baman Avatara. 6. Parasurama Avatara. 7. Rama Avatara. 8. Krishna Avatara. 9. Buddha Avatara. 10 Kalki Avatara ( will come at the end of kaliyuga). Lord Vishnu highly respected and worshiped in all parts of India.

Shiva ( make end of all ) He makes end of all things. Any thing starts there must be end. Lord Shiva always have a special role in this. His domination over death makes Him highly decorated in the pujas. His lingam (simbol) puja are the highest respected in every classes of people in India. His 12 Jyotiling among the most respected. 1. Somnath Jyatilinga, 2. MallikaArjuna Joytilinga, 3. Rameswaram Jyotilinga. 4. Vishwanath Jyotilinga, 5. Vaidyanatha Jyotilinga. 6. Kedernath Jyotilinga, 7. Trumbecawar Jyotilinga, 8. Vimasankar Jyotilinga, 9. Nageswar Jyotilinga, 10. Mahakaleswar Jyotilinga, 11. Omkarswar Jyotilinga, and 12. Gusmeswar Jyotilinga.

Goddess Maha Laxmi ( Goddess of Prosparity). She is the consort of Lord Vishnu and greatly loved by all Indians. She offesr her boon to be rich in material and spiritual wealth. Her have eight main aspects which are worshiped all over India. 1. Adi Laxmi, 2.Bir Laxmi 3. Vijaya Laxmi, 4. Santan Laxmi, 5. Gaja Laxmi, 6. Dhana Laxmi, 7. Dannya Laxmi, 8. Isayaja Laxmi..

Goddess Parvati ( Goddess of protection) She is the consort of Lord Shiva. Most loved and respected in Indian Communities all over India. Her name also Devi Sati. Her nine main aspects which are worshiped ... 1. Sailaputri, 2. Brahmacharini, 3. Kattyanni, 4 Kalratri, 5. Kushmanda, 6. Chanraghanta, 7. Siddhidatri, 8. Sanka mata, and 9. Maha Gouri. She have many different temples all over India and different way she worshiped.

Goddess Swarawati ( goddess of wisdom) she also consort of Lord Brahma. By her all knowledge and wisdom reach to human and to this earth. She offer boon to understand the Vedas and spiritual understanding.

Goddess Kali ( goddess of Protection) she is also the concort of Lord Shiva. She have dark form and in ten different aspects she worship. Her ten aspect call dos mahavidya. the great ten wisdom. 1. Kali, 2.Tara, 3.Lalita, 4. Bairavi, 5. Bhubanswari, 6. Chinnamasta, 7. Bagala, 8. Dhumabati, 9. Matangi and 10. Kamala.

Lord Ganesha. (god who stop all difficulties) He is the son of Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva. By the blessing of Lord Shiva, always he receive puja 1st. All Indian people loves him so much.

Lord Kartike (god's commander in chief ) He is the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati. He have power to protect the gods and and evils .


Om ! O Devas, may we hear with our ears what is auspicious;
May we see with our eyes what is auspicious, O ye worthy of worship !
May we enjoy the term of life allotted by the Devas,
Praising them with our body and limbs steady !
May the glorious Indra bless us !
May the all-knowing Sun bless us !
May Garuda, the thunderbolt for evil, bless us !
May Brihaspati grant us well-being !
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !








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