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Cow (Gomata)

The Cow among animal are the highest respected and honoured maintain from the dateless past in Bharata, AryaBarta, orIndia. There are five Matas ( mothers)

1st.- the mother who give birth a child. ( nigmata)

2nd,- who take care the child. (daimata)

3rd,- King's wife. ( rajmata)

4th.- mother earth. (dharanimata)

5th,- Cow ( gomata)

This are the matas who recive highest respect from all parts of the society. Because by them all the life comes in to the earth. Cow (gomata) always have a part in daily life. She have a special power inside of her, she feels the pain and suffering into her heart because she cry when the owner is suffering in some king of difficulties. She stay at her gosala but her spirit always willing to protect and take care the owner. She protecst from evil spirits and bless all type of blessing. She offers peace always. This is a hidden power and we cannot show with all demostration but still this are existed. Just like our mother feels pain and suffering when their children are in pain.

In this world many thinks which we cannot understand all. Becaue there are many things cannot uttar by words. There are other different voices. In spiritual eyes we can see and can understand it. Meditation, yoga are all about to see the unseen world. Cow always a simble of prosparity and bless. all scriptures expalin in details which cannot understand b normal eyes or ears. Cow offers bless and she protects also from all evils. To see cow also a blessing.

33 million gods resides in her whole body. This all expalin in scriptures because we need to understand that how holy is animal. You can try to give grass to a goat, horse, camel, and cow. You will see the remains will be no bad odor from the cow. Cow dung and urine always have extra helpful particals and do the positive result. Milk and milk products are all helpful without any question.

Lord Krishna maintain a strong relation with cows and He became protector of Cows. He expalined the good result sure comes from her. Nobody can't imagin Lord Krishna without cow. His playful youth always decorated by protection of Cows. He protect them and they offer bless. Scriptures says that Cows are live in Shivloka which is the Lord Shive's. Surabhi, Susila, Sumona, Sukanya, and Suchita are the names of Cows which offers boon.

By her milk can make Ghee (clarify butter) and by it Homa, Yagya can do. By this gods maintain their shares and they bless us. Winter, Summer, and Monsoon comes in correct time with all blessing. This can happen by offering Homa, Yagya offering in Ghee fire. No other animals have that qualities.

Cow must be a member of family and also the Ox. because they who maintain the status of father mother from age old good tradition in India. Ox helps cultivation and work, Cow helps with her milks. That are the true richness in human life. If any house effected by evil spirits there you just take a Cow or Ox and maintain few days say there, you'll see the evil spirits go out from there and peace remain in that house. If any many suffering with great fear and busyness, you just put him infront a cow or Ox for few days, you'll see the positive result. He will be calm and rest in his body and mind. This are are higher wisdom and power which we cannot understand all.

Don't kill her, don't make her suffering and no harm her. Try to keep a cow for you and take care her. you'll see the benifits into your life.

Om ! Let my limbs and speech, Prana, eyes, ears, vitality
And all the senses grow in strength.
All existence is the Brahman of the Upanishads.
May I never deny Brahman, nor Brahman deny me.
Let there be no denial at all:
Let there be no denial at least from me.
May the virtues that are proclaimed in the Upanishads be in me,
Who am devoted to the Atman; may they reside in me.
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !



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