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Birth & Death

Vedic Sanatana Dharma (religion) always put this four steps which all man must cross over it. 1.Janmo (Birth). 2 Jara (Old Age). 3.Byadhi (Sickness). 4. Mrithu (Death). This four steps always will follow after another. As soon as he born (Janmo) he continue (without stop) will enter this three steps after that. This is the way all people must suffer. This is a great fear and sadness because all steps will start and continue without our permission or desire. Cannot stop it.

There are 8 millions 400 hundred thousands different (groups) of bodies which enter into the creation. Among them Human body is the paramount then all. But all bodies under subject of this four steps which open for all. Human body is the greatest and can understand this spiritual science which maintain this physical change. And we must think this under the guidence of Holy scriptures and take the answer.

Our body will change always by birth and death. also during old age and sickness. According of our works (karmanic action) and believe can change in a different body. Untill we take rest and accept Muksha (freedom from bith and death) this will taken us in the rotaion of life circle.

Yes, there are not possible to stop the change of our body but we can be free from it. Our scriptures offer us huge guidence to take this freedom free of cost. Only need to believe and act in proper way under the Vedic injunction. Then we can be free from it. That is the objective of all Meditation, Yoga and Sadhanas. Muksha is the direction and we must get it with all attention.

Yoga and Meditation no have any other goal then this. We do yoga and meditation to be joint with Him (GOD) and we will complete this objective by Muksha. Untill then, we will remain only with flesh blood. But more power then all is Spirit, and we talking about this. This is call spiritual science. Without scriptures guidence nobody will reach that goal. Nobody victory this four steps.

Ramanyan we see several testimonies that desired soul get Muksha. There was a woman name Sabri, she was waiting for Lord Ram Chandra and she got Him for Muksha. At Mahabharatha, Rishi AsthaVakra waited for Lord Sree Krishna and he was offered Muksha. This freedom is for the soul, free from birth and death. That was written in the scriptures because we must look for it.

Our daily life is the matter, our daily food is the matter, our sleep is the matter and our thinking is the matter for spiritual developments untill we reach the target. So, keep in mind all action there are negative and positive karmanic re-action create possibilities to the person and effect into the next life. and birth regulate this for open up death.

For that purpose

" Veda teach us to pray like this

asotoma satdgamaya meaning O God keep me from untruth to truth,

tamasoma jyotigamaya meaning darkness to light, and

mirtuma amritagamayati meaning keep me safe from death to deathless."

That was the quest from all human being from the dateless past and still it is and will be always. Because all creation longing for HIM (GOD) for to be free from death to deathless. Our target of yoga and meditation cannot be any other purpose. When we practise, we must keep longing the Muksha (freedom) from birth and death. We must maintain a good guidence under scriptural injunction to reach that goal. May be this not possible in one life bt if continue with determination then by the bhaktiyoga (devotion) we will get this very easy because of the kaliyuga.

The DAY will come when Soul will depart from this body and whole body will be useless. The spirit will be alive forever. But the condition of the spirit will be good if we carefully follow the rules and scriptural injuction in our acts (karmaic action - which is Maan (Mind), Buddhi (Intelligent) and Ahankar (Ego). Then the death will be easy and end will be good of our spirit.

Because of our actions there are different birth which will be after death. At BrahmaVaibatra Puranas explain the huge list of actions and the result of it. By this we know that all life are matter under the hands of God. Nobody is outsider. God we control every thing even a little grass. Every things remain under guidence by Him. So, no body never ever think that he is outsider and God no have any interest for him. NO, every thing is He and He also in every thing. what ever we see, what we listin, what we eat, what we do and what will be all is He the Purusa. and Birth and death also a part of His creation. We must face this in some days.!!!!!

Om ! That (Brahman) is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite.
The infinite proceeds from the infinite.
(Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe),
It remains as the infinite (Brahman) alone.
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !




















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