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Bhagavat Gita



Gita is the most widely accepted Holy Book all over the world. It’s a most important scripture for all Hindu people. But on the other hand this book not only for Hindus but to the whole world and for all humanity. Lord Sri Krishna told this hidden meaning of life to Arjuna. It’s a part of Mahabharata epic which is the largest in the world. Edited by Lord Ved Vays and written down by Lord Ganesha. Without understand this scripture people will not get the true meaning of Veda . Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and all type of puja and homa will clearly reveal by this scripture. Every activities in relation of spiritual connection can be grossly miss guided with out of Gita.

In this Age of Kaliyuga, human life will be under huge pressure by the condition of the world, For that with a great compassion Lord Sri Krishna (GOD) given to this scripture that people may have some healing in the soul and comfort in heart. It’s most blessed book for to understand God and his glory. Understand the mood of action and the result... it's talk about soul and the goodness of it. There goal in life. This scripture is for whole mankind. It cross all boundaries, cast and creeds.

This book not only for Hindus but for whole world. Every body can read this book. The hidden wisdom of life remain in every words in it. There are 18 chapters in this book and 700 slokas which is very effective and give all answer in human life. As you grow up in spiritualy you will have many different questions arrive in your mind. Sometime there are no possibilities to get correct answer from any body. Arjuna the brother and devotee of Lord Krishna asked many questions to Him on the behalf of us. The same questions always make us difficulties in daily life. But Lord Krishna, the eternal Guru, Teacher and everlasting father answered all qusetions.Sri MadBhavagat Gita will give all answers in your quest. Every time when you read you will see new power comes to your mind and all difficulities remain clam.


Only in this Holy Book express the rebirth and with a strong example. The reincarnation and Times (yugas) expalined so nice that children can understand it. But with arguments this cannot understand. He (Lord Krishna) Himself said He is the father and Nature is the mother. So, We know who is the father in all creation. And we know His name. And He expalined how to approch to Him and what He likes. all wisdom openly offer to us.

In your life time you must go and be a student of Bhagavat Gita to a teacher who are the devotee of Lord Krishna. Without devotee of Lord Krishna cannot expalin the proper inner meaning of the slokas (verses). Only devotee of Him can understand and will expalin to his disciples. This is eternal LAW of Spiritual wisdom. So, Do come to our asrama where Lord Krishna receiving puja and arati in the loving chatur deha vigrahaMurti ( Lord Jagannatha). Achariya Purusathama is the devotee of the Lord Sri Krishna and there are many testimonies.

Om ! Let my limbs and speech, Prana, eyes, ears, vitality
And all the senses grow in strength.
All existence is the Brahman of the Upanishads.
May I never deny Brahman, nor Brahman deny me.
Let there be no denial at all:
Let there be no denial at least from me.
May the virtues that are proclaimed in the Upanishads be in me,
Who am devoted to the Atman; may they reside in me.
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !



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