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After Death

There are huge quest in human heart regarding Death and after death. We must keep in mind that we have soul our spirit which cannot relay in our body, he's a different and Space cannot hold , Air cannot dry, Water cannot wet, Fire cannot burn and Earth cannot sustain him. This is a life which is very hidden self within us. That is we, that is our identity. There are no name, no male, no female, no family identity. He is alone and with true life.

This body just like a boat carry this Soul and a day will come this boat no longer service. That will stop to exist. And he will continue his travel with adifferent body. That is spiritual science. That is wisdom. That action and work what we do with this body, always create a positive and negitive result. By this the soul which is spiritual body goes under that result which may be position and negetive mood. If that man's action remain satvic mood he will be peace and his travel will be bless in paradise. Rajacik mood and Tamacik mood will go to different suffering by the result in hell. In scripture there are several places name are recorded.

There are 14 different location explain in scripture where souls keep there place accordingly.

1. SATYALOKA = place of truth

2.TAPALOKA = place of medition and japa.

3. JANALOKA = place of wisdom

4. MAHALOKA = place of greatness

5. SVARLOKA = place of happiness.

6. BHUVALOKA = place of higher order

7. BHULOKA= place of our earth.

(this are the places where higher souls will be reside and will be part of it. Mainly Satvic works or action grant that places. That is spiritual world and cannot understand by wordly eyes. There is the true search, and our human body is fully prepare to keep search during our lifetime.)

After that...

1. ATALLOKA = place of unfaithfull.

2. BITALLOKA = place of unrest.

3. SUTALLOKA = place of fear.

4. TALATALLOKA = place of great fear.

5. MAHATALLOKA= place of deep great fear.

6. RASATALLOKA = place of lose or place of darkness.

7. PATALALOKA = place of deep darkness.

(this are place where souls keep their place accordingly by the mood of their works and faith. Ths 14 places where 8 million 400 thousands yonis are constant changing places and birth and death. Among that life there are all types of animals, birds, and fishes, trees, and many different life existed. Human life is the most highest catagory and only by this body soul can be enter in rest. Birth, sick, oldage and death this four steps are the life codes which all human being must pass from it. )

Om! That (Brahman) is infinite, and this (universe) is infinite.
The infinite proceeds from the infinite.
(Then) taking the infinitude of the infinite (universe),
It remains as the infinite (Brahman) alone.
Om! Let there be Peace in me!
Let there be Peace in my environment!
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me!
In the cave of the body is eternally set the one unborn.

The earth is His body. (Though) moving within the earth, the earth knows Him not.
The water is His body. (Though) moving within the water, the water knows Him not.
The fire is His body. (Though) moving within the fire, the fire knows Him not.
The air is His body. (Though) moving within the air, the air knows Him not.
The ether is His body. (Though) moving within the ether, the ether knows Him not.
The mind is His body. (Though) moving within the mind, the mind knows Him not.
The intellect is His body. (Though) moving within the intellect, the intellect knows Him not.
The ego is His body. (Though) moving within the ego, the ego knows Him not.
The mind-stuff is His body. (Though) moving within the mind-stuff, the mind-stuff knows Him not.
The unmanifest is His body. (Though) moving within the unmanifest, the unmanifest knows Him not.
The imperishable is His body. (Though) moving within the imperishable, the imperishable knows Him not.
The Death is His body. (Though) moving within Death, Death knows Him not.
He, then, is the inner-self of all beings, sinless, heaven-born, luminous, the sole Narayana.























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