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Acharya Chandra Purusathama KrishnaPrema Radharani.


As the Guru Sishya - Parampara. (Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, to Gosawmis, and to Prabhupada). He is the devotee of Lord Krishna son of Maharani Devki and Devi Jasodha (Sri Sri Lord Jagannatha). He is the Acharya (Teacher) in Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and Vedic Scriptures. He dedicated more then 38 years of his life to the purpose of humanity under the faith in God. He Preach and Teach Lord Krshna from the Holy Scriptures of 4 Veda, 18 Puranas, 18 Upapuranas, 108 Upanishada, Ramayna, Mahabharata and Bhagavat Gita to all over India and overseas. He believes good works is the fruit of the spirit and charitable works cannot be stop in any way. - ( Jibe pream kore jai jon, sai jon sebeche iswar.( those who offer services for charitable purpose to humanity, he is offering services to God. swami Vivakananda )

He believe life given by Almighty God Lord Sri Krishna and we must protect not only ours but all people as whole creation. World is suffering now because of hunger, hate, and fight with each other. We must preach love, compassion and friendly relation with whole world to make a great family. And for this we need holy Vedic scriptures and guidence from the holy men of gods offered us from dateless past. Without this we cannot make peaceful place in this earth. Vedic religion and the wisdom open us the great way.
He is the orator of scriptures base spiritual counselling  many people who are suffering in fear trauma, depression, loneliness, who desire to harm self by commit selfkilling and tendency to commit self destruction. Acharya Purusathama cured and rescued many people from this type of people by scriptures injunction of Vedic religious Yoga practise. By his love and compassion to reach every one and he always desire to help.

Thousand of people loved Him about his work and the sacrifice which he is doing in his life for God and humanity. Helping people for PEACE in families, mother & father, wife & husband and children. Spiritual counseling which he offer services are free of Cost to all.

He is the co-Founder of “Foundation Daniel Shah & Nuria Toneu” which is the path and assist in philanthropic activities in the field of Education and Medical for all down-trodden communities and any cast and creed  specially to the children, widows. Because Charity only way to remain clain and peaceful in this age of Kaliyuga. And to chant the Mahamantra, there is no other, no other way and no other way.

He Preach Lord Krishna is the Purna Brahma and original from the very foundation of the earth. He himself expanded into Lord Brahma, Lord Vishna and Lord Shiva, but on the other they three are One. Lord Krishna was Purna Avatara and only sudha (holy) one in this earth. He is the Father of all and Grand Father of all living being. He who originator of Veda and protector of Dharma (Vedic Religion). He is the Alfa And Omega the begining and the Final. Without Him nothing was made and He who the Judge of all actions. He created all Devas, and Asuras for his glory and whenever evil develop into this world, His incarnation took place and promote the Dharma (truth). Without Him none can be complete happy into this life. He is the goal and objective of all Vaisnavas and all reshies, yogies, and purnya athmas.

In this age og Kaliyuga, His last Avatar Lord Kalki will incarnet and again Dharma will be protect. During this time His mahamantra and charity are the only protector for the saints. Because of His kindness He offers all boons and blessing to the saints. Little sahdana people can optain a huge blessing which was very difficult at the other Yugas.

Hari Om ! At the end of Dvapara-Yuga, Narada went to Brahma and addressed him thus: "O Lord, how shall I, roaming over the earth, be able to across Kali ?" To which Brahma thus replied: "Well asked. Hearken to that which all Shrutis (the Vedas) keep secret and hidden, through which one may cross the Samsara (mundane existence) of Kali. He shakes off (the evil effects of) Kali through the mere uttering of the name of the Lord Narayana, who is the primeval Purusha". Again Narada asked Brahma: "What is the name ?" To which Hiranyagarbha (Brahma) replied thus:
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

2. These sixteen names (words) are destructive of the evil effects of Kali. No better means than this is to be seen in all the Vedas.
These (sixteen names) destroy the Avarana (or the centripetal force which produces the sense of individuality) of Jiva surrounded by the sixteen Kalas (rays). Then like the sphere of the sun which shines fully after the clouds (screening it) disperse, Parabrahman (alone) shines."
Narada asked: ‘O Lord, what are the rules to be observed with reference to it ?" To which Brahma replied that there were no rules for it. Whoever in a pure or an impure state, utters these always, attains the same world of, or proximity with, or the same form of, or absorption into Brahma.
Whoever utters three and a half Crores (or thirty-five millions) times this Mantra composed of sixteen names (or words) crosses the sin of the murder of a Brahmana. He becomes purified from the sin of the theft of gold. He becomes purified from the sin of cohabitation with a woman of low caste. He is purified from the sins of wrong done to Pitris, Devas and men. Having given up all Dharmas, he becomes freed at once from all sins. He is at once released from all bondage. That he is at once released from all bondage is the Upanishad.
Hari Om Tat Sat !
Here ends the Kalisantarana Upanishad belonging to the Krishna-Yajur-Veda.

Om ! May He protect us both together; may He nourish us both together;
May we work conjointly with great energy,
May our study be vigorous and effective;
May we not mutually dispute (or may we not hate any).
Om ! Let there be Peace in me !
Let there be Peace in my environment !
Let there be Peace in the forces that act on me !





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